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The Air New Zealand Environment Trust is fully committed to projects currently supported and will not be calling for any applications.  Thank you for your interest.

The Air New Zealand Environment Trust (ANZET) will consider funding projects which have a direct impact on the restoration of the New Zealand environment. This can cover a wide range of activities from directly restoring or regenerating land or waterways, through to education and research.

ANZET prefers to fund specific projects and will not fund existing organisations to run day to day programmes.  All funding applications must be submitted using the Trust's application form.  ANZET will consider projects in excess of $10,000 only.

To be considered for funding your project must:

  • meet the Trust's funding criteria
  • have an environmental focus which concentrates on restoration
  • benefit a wide group of New Zealanders
  • advance awareness of environmental issues in New Zealand
  • be able to provide regular reports on activity and application of any funds granted
  • be based in New Zealand

The Trust will not fund or provide grants for:

  • retrospective projects (that is, projects that have been completed)
  • general day to day running costs or salaries for existing organisations
  • individuals or travel 

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